The Reflection Series™

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Have you ever felt like you are totally over it? Like you have hit a brick wall and simply have nothing left to give? Pain is not only in your body but your heart and your soul? You feel so exhausted and wonder why life seems so completely futile?

You are not alone. The last few years have been a cataclysm year of global change. Natural disasters, political turmoil, and continuing financial crisis – it appears as if we are in the middle of a historic upheaval.

What if this pain – these challenges – were actually opportunities?

Notable New York chiropractor, wellness educator and international lecturer, Dr. Louis Abate presents The Reflection Series™ with the first program – APERTURA™ –specifically designed to quickly take that pain and forge it into a new experience in your body or life.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create your own anchor or certainty so you can handle anything that is thrown at you
  • Lower your stress levels
  • Feel stronger
  • Reclaim your energy
  • Find that internal rhythm and resourcefulness
  • Discover a map and method to optimize your personal well-being
  • Capitalize on the opportunities in your life
  • Enhance your contribution to our world
  • Create the life of your dreams