The Transformational Gate™

Donny Epstein’s Transformational Gate™ Experience is an educational experiential weekend designed to help you develop lifetime tools for greater self awareness and evolution. Not only will you better refine your Network Wave and other unique strategies associated with NSA and SRI, but you will gain greater mastery of your body-mind’s underlying rhythms and gifts.

The Network Wave, when linked to spinal oscillation, enriches spinal learning, evolution of the nervous system and yields wellness benefits in alignment with living a more authentic and joyful life. At the Transformational Gate your energy bound up in tension, conflict, trauma, and a defended “self” can be utilized to create massive change.

At the Transformational Gate, Donny Epstein will share informative and entertaining descriptive presentations of the healing and awakening process associated with NSA and SRI care as well as details about the care you will receive and goals of each Gate session. The Gate process was developed to create an energetic resonant “biomass” where the coherent field creates a group effect enhancing personal progress at a depth and rate beyond that achievable with individual sessions.

Whether it is your first Transformation Gate or your one hundred and first, you will be deeply transformed through this exciting experience. You will bathe in the energies of the 5 Energetic Intelligences: Bio-Energetic, Emotional Energetic, Mental Energetic, Soul Energetic, and Universal Spirit (Oneness) Energetic as your NSA and SRI strategies advance the expression of these Intelligences.