PhotobucketLife is about experiences.  Different experiences make up our lives.  However, most of the time we judge the experience, making it wrong, making it bad and not seeing it for what it actually is. In these cases our body will fracture that experience and store the energy and consciousness of it in multiple areas.  When this happens there is less of your body’s attention, and energy to focus on life and appreciate all of it’s experiences.  As a result our lives become dull and meaningless, purposeless and unexceptional.  We feel as if we are living a life of quiet desperation, an anemic life of nothing but grey tones.

At these times life will bring to us people and experiences to brighten our world, but in this place we feel stressed out, overwhelmed, irritated, depressed or in pain and nothing we try works.  All we want to do is get rid of the experience.  However, when we stop trying to get rid of our painful experiences and we learn how to connect to what our body really needs, we will truly begin to heal.