PhotobucketA life that has been filled  with experiences, and one that has expanded will soon feel confined as it realizes it has reached the limitations of it’s current reality.  This is where an exchange is not only necessary but appropriate for continued evolution.  A caterpillar exchanges into a butterfly, an embryo into a fetus into a newborn.  Snakes and lobsters shed their skins only to have the new skin extensive enough so they can fill with new experiences and capacious so they may expand again.  Now is your time to exchange, to grow beyond your conditioning. There is a higher purpose for your living, a greater sense of purpose, of who you are and of what you are really made.

The Exchange  is about connecting to your “transcendent nature” — the part of you that is always watching what’s going on in your life, both on the inside and outside that guides you to live beyond any former idea of yourself, and to fully realize your unique and necessary place in the universe.