The Five Energetic Intelligences

There is extensive scientific evidence that supports the existence of energy within and around the human body.  Various disciplines talk about and use the energy within and around the body.  Mystics, yogis, healers, and shamans have observed multiple levels of energies around the body for ages.

Reorganizational Healing (ROH) acknowledges the existence of your body’s subtle energy system and takes into account that you are comprised of at least five complex fields of energy and information, each related to different levels of life-expression and consciousness. We call these various levels Energetic Intelligences (EI).  The Energetic Intelligences also refer to the inner-states of consciousness associated with your body’s “subtle energy” systems.

The five Energetic Intelligences are:

  1. Bioenergetic – Associated with your life-force, cellular function, and baseline survival.
  2. Emotional – Associated with your emotional expression, behavioral change and your response or reactivity.
  3. Thought – Associated with your stories, beliefs, models of reality and your sense of “self” or identity.
  4. Soul- Associated with your personal gifts, love, gratitude, compassion and the transpersonal.
  5. Universal-Spirit – Associated with non-duality, community and the “ground of being”.

Each individual has competencies and challenges around certain Energetic Intelligences. By discovering your innate competencies and recognizing your challenges, you can learn how to utilize your energetic resources more effectively to improve your life.