E³ Coaching™

Are you are feeling frustrated or unhappy with areas of your life, health, business or relationships? Or, are looking to deepen or enhance your experiences within certain areas of your life?

Wouldn’t it be great to discover an approach that can help you easily transform your current situation?

At Illuminare Wellness we can help you do just that. Our unique E³ Coaching™ utilizes as its foundation the principles of ReOrganizational Healing.  ROH is an innovative approach to wellness, growth, and behavioral change that helps you create and sustain well being by bringing the structural, perceptual, and energetic elements of your life and body into an optimal relationship.  We help you effectively make sustainable changes to enrich your life and improve your current situation.

Unlike other medical and alternative health care approaches that seek to restore, alleviate, suppress, or control, the objective of E³ Coaching™ is to help you raise your baseline function, behavior, and energetic expression to create and sustain well being.

E³ Coaching™ focuses on helping you develop a new level of self and body-awareness, and a deeper understanding of your core nature so that you can cultivate a more fulfilling and resilient life.

Utilizing innovative exercises and groundbreaking processes, you can change the elements that influence your behaviors, perceptions, structures and resources. This will allow you to create sustainable strategies and actions to reorganize and enhance your health, business, relationships, wellness and life.

We specialize in Stress Reduction, Personal Motivation, Business Enhancement, Goal Achievement, Changing Unhealthy habits, Breaking through Mental and Emotional Barriers, Weight Loss, Nutritional protocols, Finding and Fulfilling your True Life’s Purpose.