The Season of Discover


In the Season of Discover we recognize that we have been wounded in life, yet we try to avoid it, disconnect from it, and push it away.

This is the place/time to understand how we have learned to defend ourselves in the world.  We discern how in our lives we have moved away from pain–physically, emotionally, energetically–and whether we still need to be doing this. In Discover, we learn how we have narrowed our perception, created feelings, isolated parts of our body or protected ourselves in response to circumstances, past or present. We learn that while trying to protect ourselves from something we deemed harmful or painful, we have ultimately associated, conditioned, and even imprisoned ourselves to the painful focus that we initially tried to avoid.  We learn how we have dissociated from parts of our bodies and lives that are painful. We learn how we have narrowed our focus on something we identified with a cause or answer to our very present problems.  We learn how while trying to protect ourself from the pain we have hurt others. We learn to discover with depth our bio-energetic and emotional intelligences.